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When registering, please remember that MTH 145 is now STAT 145

Curriculum committee review process

One original LX 138C or LX 138P must be prepared on yellow paper and signed by the department chairperson and the dean of the college. This will become the official curriculum record after action by the appropriate committee(s). The original and 1 copy for UCC/1 copy for GCC are due in the Records and Registration Office by Wednesday noon the week before the curriculum committee meets. The Records and Registration Office staff will include proposals on the agenda and add the materials to the appropriate D2L site for the curriculum committee members to review. Curriculum committee agendas are distributed to all department chairs and program directors prior to the curriculum meeting.

If a department is presenting a significant number of changes or presenting a new program, it is helpful to have a cover memo to guide the curriculum committee through the packet.
The department chairperson is sent a reminder to attend the meeting to present the proposal(s). It is likely that a proposal will not be considered at a meeting if there is no department representative to present it. The standard rule is that a proposal has two readings—the proposal is presented at the first reading; action is taken at the second reading. It is possible that a second reading will be waived and action taken at the first reading if no committee member objects.

After a proposal has been approved and all signatures have been obtained, including the provost’s and registrar’s, the Records and Registration Office staff update the curriculum data file; program the Advisement Reports (AR); and, include the information in the catalog copy. After those tasks are accomplished, a signed copy of the LX form is returned to the department for its files.

Salsh courses

A proposal for a slash course must be approved by both the graduate and undergraduate curriculum committees. It does not matter which body hears the proposal first. The same LX138C and 139 forms should be used for both levels. The undergraduate course number should be circled for the set to be used for UCC; the graduate course number should be circled for the set to be used for GCC review. If a department is deleting one level of a slash course (usually the graduate level) and not making any changes to the other level, the proposal only needs committee approval for the deletion. There is no reason to submit the proposal to the committee at the level that is not changing, i.e. if a department is dropping the graduate level, there is no need for the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to review it.

Umbrella courses

New umbrella courses and revisions to existing umbrella courses need curriculum committee approval.Individual topics offered under umbrella courses do NOT need curriculum committee review. When offering a topic, an LX138C and 139 are completed and approved by the department and dean. The signed originals are submitted to the Records and Registration Office if the course is only offered for undergraduate credit. If it is offered for graduate credit, the director of graduate studies must sign it after the college dean, before the registrar signs it. The LX138C and 139 are specific to the particular topic being proposed. It is important to identify if it is offered as pass/fail or graded if that option exists for the course. The specific topic title will appear on the students’ transcripts. It is helpful to list the instructor so graduate faculty status can be verified if the topic is offered at the graduate level. Use the description section of the form for this.

General Education courses

After a course has been approved at UCC that the department would like to be added to the General Education curriculum, the department must submit the course along with the approved LX138C and 139, to the chairperson of the General Education Committee, who will include it on the agenda for that group. The department will also need to submit the LX140 for General Education Committee consideration.

Approval Process (after dept/college approval)

Majors - Academic Planning Committee, Faculty Senate, System, UCC or GCC

Emphases within majors - Academic Planning Committee, UCC, Faculty Senate

Major Name Change - UCC, UW System

Minors - Academic Planning Committee, UCC, Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Courses - UCC (possibly Academic Planning if unresolved resource issues)

Graduate Courses - GCC (possibly Academic Planning if unresolved resource issues)

Slash Courses - Both UCC and GCC (either committee first)

General Education Courses - UCC, then Gen Ed Committee

Umbrella topics - Dean, Graduate Director if appropriate, Records & Registration (not Curriculum Committee) 


Contact Records and Registration at 785-8577 or or

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