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Thomas Volk

Specialty area(s)Mycology, Plant Pathology, especially Forest Pathology
Brief biographyTom Volk is a Professor of Biology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He teaches courses on Mycology, Medical Mycology, Plant-Microbe Interactions, Food & Industrial Mycology, Advanced Mycology, Organismal Biology and Latin & Greek for Scientists. His internet web page, Tom Volk's Fungi has a popular "Fungus of the Month" feature, and an extensive introduction to the Kingdom Fungi. Besides dabbling in mushroom cultivation, Tom has worked on the genera Morchella (morels), Cantharellus (chanterelles), Hydnellum (a tooth fungus), Armillaria (honey mushrooms) and Laetiporus (chicken of the woods, or sulfur shelf), as well as several medical mycology projects, prairie mycorrhizae, mycoprospecting, and fungi involved in coal formation. He also has conducted fungal biodiversity studies in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alaska, and Israel. Having lectured in 35 states so far, Tom is a popular speaker at many amateur and professional mycological events throughout North America, including many NAMA and NEMF forays.
Current courses at UW-LMycology, Medical Mycology, Plant-Microbe Interactions,Organismal Biology, Latin & Greek for Scientists,