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Affirmative Action
  • Surround yourself with diversity. Surround yourself with UW-La Crosse.

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    Welcome to the Office of Affirmative Action! Our office provides a variety of services and resources to the UW-L campus including:

    • Policies and procedures regarding discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and individuals with disabilities.
    • Formal and informal conflict resolution resources for the campus community.
    • Annual reports and data tracking the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of UW-L's faculty and staff.
    • Recruitment resources to help search and screen committees obtain a diverse pool of applicants and evaluate them in a fair, unbiased manner.
    • Professional development and training for faculty, staff, and students on a variety of topics related to diversity and inclusion.
    • EEO, Title IX, and ADA Coordinator.

    Our work is guided by the principles of Inclusive Excellence: “our active, intentional, and ongoing commitment to bridge differences with understanding and respect so all can thrive.”

    Our office is a safe and welcoming place for all members of the UW-L community seeking advice or assistance. Please contact us if you have questions, comments, or concerns. If we cannot provide the assistance you need, we will help connect you with the person or office that can best help you.



    2013 Affirmative Action Program Hate is not a UW-L family value I am UW-L
    The 2013 Affirmative Action Program is available for download. Click here to report a hate/bias incident.

    Click here to file a civility/incivility report.
    The Office of Affirmative Action is proud to support the "I am UW-L" campaign!

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