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     The Odds

    It Make$ Cents! Video in the news

    Andrea Higgins isn’t proud of what she did, but she is willing to share her story in hopes that other students won’t make the same mistake: end up with nearly $15,000 in credit card debt.
    The Campus Activities Board adviser has shared her personal story of credit card and student loan debt with the It Makes Cents program.

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    It Make$ Cents! wins award from Governor


    The Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy awarded the 2012 Wisconsin Financial
    Literacy Award to 12 individuals and 9 organizations for their efforts in promoting financial
    literacy among Wisconsin citizens. Governor Walker and the First Lady declared 2013 as the
    Year of Well-Being. As part of this year, Wisconsinites are encouraged to learn about their
    financial health so they can make smart budgeting decisions.

    “These recipients are excelling in their efforts to improve the financial knowledge and wellbeing of the people of Wisconsin,” Governor Scott Walker said in making the announcement.
    “They are making a difference in our schools, our workplaces, and our communities across the


    It Make$ Cents! was also awarded the 2013 Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award! 

    Financial Award 2013

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